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Getting Started: Defying Expectations

Caffe Uno
12:40 p.m.

Along with this obsession with originality comes a violent determination to defy expectations. The word choices here are deliberate. “Violent” because the consequences are sometimes harmful to myself and to those I love. “Defy” because I don’t seek primarily to exceed expectations but to violate them, especially societal expectations and most especially the expectations of those in authority. Again this seems to be a corruption of a basic personality trait. (Am I going to use my powers for good or ill? As Benedict put it in this morning’s Prologue: will I serve God with the good gifts God has given me? ) If I defied authority in favor of the poor and marginalized, I would be a prophet. If I defied society in order to incarnate the kingdom of God, I would be a radical. But I’m no rebel. I’m actually kind of a brat. I was the guy in the back of the classroom reading The Canterbury Tales while the professor droned on about evangelism and apologetics, and all because the professor slapped me down the first week of class when I questioned his allegiance to Bill Bright and The 4 Spiritual Laws. For the better part of a decade I ate a ton of fast food because people who cared about or were experts in my health told me not to. It didn’t cross my mind until late that I should be defying the companies who spend millions every year to convince me that eating fast food is preferable to eating food grown with care and prepared with love. Now I just eat it because because I’m addicted. My attitude is that I can do whatever I want and damn the consequences, except my last post was all about the consequences.


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