This Week in Listening: Young Love


Kate told me a cute story about something that happened yesterday.

She was at home with Molly. She was also babysitting Brendan, our friends Matt and Grace’s son. Brendan is five weeks younger than Molly, and they love each other very much. The four times a week they get to see each other usually involve three primary activities: Molly stealing Brendan’s toys, Brendan stealing Molly’s juice, and the two of them chasing each other around the living room or yard to give hugs (as in this video taken by Grace last month). Yesterday, our friend Andrea came over to go on a walk with Kate, Molly, and Brendan. Rather than take the double stroller Kate and Andrea decided to use the backpack-style child carriers. Kate wore Molly. Andrea wore Brendan. Well, partway through their walk Kate and Andrea realized that Molly and Brendan were holding hands, and they continued to hold hands for several blocks.

Now I’m not one to play matchmaker – I think my record is pretty clear on this one. But there was a moment after Kate related all this to me when I flashed forward to Molly’s and Brendan’s wedding reception where I will re-tell this story during my toast.

This week’s musical surprise is Willie and the Wheel (2009), a collection of classic western swing songs handpicked by the late great producer Jerry Wexler and performed by Willie Nelson (who just turned 76) and Asleep at the Wheel. The fiddles, saloon piano, and lap steel guitar, the shades of New Orleans jazz, the way Willie’s vocals slide around the beat like condensation on a cold beer on a hot Texas night (that’s right), or the way he sometimes chants the words like a caller at a square dance – evoke images of the rodeo dance I’ve never actually seen: cowboy boots and hats, embroidered shirts (tucked in), and circle skirts in full twirl. And, for this city boy, not a little Prairie Home Companion. (Has your family tried ’em, Powdered Milk?) The last track on the album, called “Won’t You Ride in My Little Red Wagon,” is about young love.

5 comments on “This Week in Listening: Young Love

  1. This is going to be a great blog.

  2. Thanks, yo.

  3. Seriously, it was the sweetest thing. Andrea and I were talking about the wonderful things of life. We were walking closely as we talked closely. Then I was distracted because I could see the kiddos doing something…they were reaching for the other’s hand. And then they were holding hands. And they kept holding hands.

    Andrea and I continued to talk and walk and the kids continued to hold hands. Finally we had to pause our conversation and acknowledge the loveliness that was between us. Andrea turned her head to me, “they really love each other don’t they?” “Yes, they really do,” I said.

    I really enjoyed that moment and I’ve enjoyed reliving it here. Thanks John. Thanks for the music, it’s good. You’re good, really good. And I know where Molly gets her ability to love others…you and me, because I love you so much and I know you love me.

    Thank you!

  4. I don’t own the new Willie disc. What kind of person am I?

  5. Mark, it doesn’t say anything about you. It’s nice that I can return the favor for once. I am exposed to great music three or four times a week on your website, http://www.thedaysoflore.com.

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