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What Kate Talks about When She Talks about Running


Tomorrow morning Kate will be running in Hood to Coast, at 197 miles the longest relay race in the world. More than 12,000 runners are expected to participate. Kate and her eleven teammates will start the race at Mt. Hood and end on the beach in Seaside. I don’t understand running, and I especially don’t understand running upwards of 20 miles in 36 hours. Undertaking this race is one of the craziest things Kate has ever done – but I am immensely proud of her.

Kate, I wish I could write an ode to your run, but W.H. Auden beat me to it again:

The camera’s eye
Does not lie
But it cannot show
The life within,
The life of a runner,
Of yours or mine,
That race which is neither
Fast nor slow,
For nothing can ever
Happen twice,
That story which moves
Like music when
Begotten notes
New notes beget
Making the flowing
Of time a growing
Till what it could be
At last it is,
Where Fate is Freedom,
Grace and Surprise.

(from “Runner”)

I can’t wait to see you cross that finish line on Saturday.


One comment on “What Kate Talks about When She Talks about Running

  1. Thanks Honey! See you there!

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