Home, Home on the Interweb

Home :: I have old blogs scattered like shipwrecks around the shoals of the internet. With so much that has happened recently (new house, our four-month road trip, the postponing of On the Narrow Road) and so much that is about to happen (the book), I decided it was time to consolidate my presence on the web. This new site is meant as a more permanent, centralized location. A clearinghouse, if you will, for all things me-related.

This is also my first attempt at marketing myself as a writer, something I’m not at all comfortable with, though I know it goes with the territory: behold, the sexy black-and-white photo in the sidebar that was taken at least three years ago when I had more hair and I was twenty pounds thinner.

I started writing for Relevant exactly one year ago. I’ve posted links to all of my writing there. Later, when I have some more free time, I will post links to my articles on the Burnside Writers Collective and whatever else I can find.

(Collage by Barbara Kruger.)


2 comments on “Home, Home on the Interweb

  1. welcome to the wonderful world of marketing yourself. after a while you start to get used to it…i guess.

  2. I support this blog.

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