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I Podcast

There are now 173 podcasts on my computer and another 35 or so on my iPod. They occupy 6.5 GB of space, and it will take me more than six days to listen to all of them. My tendency when I get overwhelmed with something (information, details, life) is to create a schedule or system or philosophy — some set of ruling ideas that offer immediate psychological relief but can be broken or forgotten about in a few days time.

I am now accumulating podcasts at a rate of 31 hours per week. That’s unsustainable, right? I know I need to cut back; it’s just hard to hit the Unsubscribe button.

Here is a list of podcasts I subscribe to — in order, from least to most likely to get cut.

1. OPB: Think Out Loud (tied) – M-F (5 hours a week)
1. PRI: RadioWest (tied) – M-F (5 hours a week)
2. NPR: Planet Money – Twice a week (about 45 minutes a week)
3. APM: The Splendid Table – Weekly (1 hour a week)
4. NPR: Fresh Air – M-F (5 hours a week)
5. PRI: This American Life – Weekly (1 hour a week)
6.  NPR: Food Podcast – Weekly (about 25 minutes a week)
7. NPR: Tell Me More – M-F (5 hours a week)
8. KCRW: The Treatment – Weekly (30 minutes a week)
9. APM: Speaking of Faith – Weekly (1 hour a week)
10. KCRW: Good Food – Weekly (1 hour a week)
11. KCRW: Bookworm – Weekly (30 minutes a week)
12. IAM Conversations – Once a week or so (About 30 minutes a week)
13. NPR: On the Media – Weekly (1 hour a week)
14. Edible Radio – Once a week or so (About 25 minutes a week)

I subscribe to three other podcasts. They are all short, ranging from five to fifteen minutes in length. I listen to them or watch them as soon as they download. They’re not going anywhere.

OPB Morning News – Daily
APM: The Writer’s Almanac – Daily
Onion News Network (Video) – Semi-weekly
NYT’s The Minimalist (Video) – Weekly

How many podcasts do you listen to? What are some of your essentials?

Update: The truth is, I don’t want to Unsubscribe to any of these podcasts. Can I just be more discerning about which episodes I keep? I don’t know whose permission I’m asking, but “Please?”


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