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Besides the Bible Now Available for Pre-order

It’s coming. Besides the Bible: 100 Books that Have, Should, Or Will Create Christian Culture is now available for pre-order from Powell’s, Amazon, BN.com, and all your favorite online retailers. Besides the Bible is scheduled to be released on or around November 19. I had hoped to unseat George W. Bush’s highly anticipated memoir, Decision Points, releasing November 9, from the top of the best seller lists. But Bush’s book has an initial print run of 1.5 million copies (the standard for former presidents); rounding up, that’s 1.5 million more copies than ours.

On top of that, Decision Points is going to be released as an abridged audiobook and as an interactive eBook  that will include links to videos, home movies, photographs not contained in the print version, texts of his most important speeches, and handwritten letters.

I honestly don’t know if we’re doing an eBook edition of Besides the Bible, though to sell a few more copies, I’d be willing to stop ranting for a while about how E-Readers are destroying civilization. (“Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth!”) And if you like audiobooks, Dan, Jordan, and I are willing to read excerpted portions of the book to you over the phone.

Crown, the publisher of Decision Points, says the book will be “news-making” and “bring history alive for readers.” Okay, but does if feature third-century desert monks? Will it tell you why the Left Behind series might be as worthy of your precious reading time as The Chronicles of Narnia? Does it come with personal book recommendations from the likes of Phyllis Tickle, Donald Miller, Peter Rollins, and William P. Young? Will it make you seem smarter at parties?

We’re a scrappy outfit, but there is no way we’ll sell more books than the former president. That’s, like, David and Goliath odds. And anyway I bet Bush’s book will be interesting. I’ll probably read it. It might even make the sequel: Besides the Bible II. Watch for it.


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