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Early Reviews

I’ve received a few e-mails and calls lately from friends and family asking how they can help spread the word about the book. This being our first time at the fair, Jordan, Dan, and I had the same question. According to people who do this for a living, one of the most helpful things you can do is review the book on Amazon. Our Amazon sales rank is sitting at about #127,000 right now, without the benefit of reviews, which I think is pretty good. So even if you buy the book from Powell’s or, even better, Hearts & Minds, would you consider writing a brief review on Amazon? We have to feed the beast.

Here are a few other helpful things you can do:

1. Tell your friends about it.
2. Post something on Facebook or Twitter.
3. Blog about the book.
4. Add it to one of your Goodreads shelves. (You are on Goodreads, aren’t you?)

Speaking of Powell’s, I noticed that the City of Books has already sold through its stock of Besides the Bible and the book is now listed as on backorder. We saw something similar on Amazon earlier this week, when its inventory dwindled to just one copy. But Amazon received more books in the nick of time; I’m sure Powell’s will get more soon.

And speaking of Hearts & Minds, Byron Borger posted an amazing review of Besides the Bible today on the Booknotes blog. Byron is a kindred spirit, to borrow a phrase, and his blog has become a tastemaker for us. We take his recommendations seriously, and our to-read lists grow with every post. So we were excited almost beyond words to read his thoughtful and eloquent review. There are a few criticisms of the book, one of which we are already working to address: the missing index. I’m putting together that index, and I will post it on this site.

Thank you, everyone, for your support. This is just such a thrill for us.


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