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It’s a time of major transition for me personally and professionally. I am “retiring” from the grant writing business. I am also migrating from the “Besides the Bible” blog back here to my home site. (I will continue to cross-post book-related content at the BtB site, and Jordan Green, Dan Gibson, and Dave Johnson may continue to post there as well. I have also imported to this site all the posts I wrote for the “Besides the Bible” blog.) Working with Dan and Jordan – two passionate and talented guys – to write, coordinate, edit, and market “Besides the Bible” has been thrilling for me. It was, after all, my first book. But now I want to write my second. Going forward, I will focus all of my writing efforts on freelancing and on the “Slow Church” book I’m co-writing with Chris Smith, editor of the Englewood Review. More news about that in the coming weeks.

There is still a lot to update on the blog. I have a year’s worth of “recently published” links to post, I need to update the books in the sidebar, and I need to re-categorize the imported posts from the BtB blog. But those will have to wait for another day. I’m working now to wrap up my last two grants…

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