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Eating, Talking, and Plotting Goodness Together: An Interview with Dee Dee Risher

Conspire! magazine is a project of The Simple Way and a growing number of “co-conspiring communities” around the country. Each themed issue includes great writing and visual art, all with an eye toward building relationships and exploring “the questions of faith that arise from living for justice and as part of the body.” The current issue is about “Food, Feast, and Table,” and it includes, among other features, an essay by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, an interview with Wendell Berry, an article by Mike Morrell, and stunning food-themed outsider art by a variety of artists.

In the month of November, Conspire! is inviting folks around the country to host Gather ‘Round celebrations that will bring communities together to eat, talk, and plot goodness together. When I saw this issue’s theme, and when I saw this video about Gather ‘Round, I knew I wanted to interview someone at Conspire! to get more details. I talked to Dee Dee Risher, the magazine’s editor, earlier this month. By pure coincidence, I’m publishing the interview on National Food Day.

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