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The Church as Memory-Keeper

On my commute, I have been listening to the audiobook of Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food, by Paul Greenberg. All day I’ve been thinking about the concept of “shifting baselines,” which in the fisheries world describes the decreasing thresholds used to describe “abundance” from one generation to the next. I’ve also been thinking about (a) how the concept of shifting baselines might be useful across disciplines, and (b) how we can use storytelling to preserve and even recover communal memories. Which means we need storytellers and memory-keepers. Churches as memory-keepers. This could be a vital role of faith communities who are deeply rooted with longterm commitments to their places.

One comment on “The Church as Memory-Keeper

  1. Intriguing question. In our context, we’ve been talking about how being a story-keeper (in a mentor, pastoral or counselor relationship) changes the relationship and the responsibility of the person keeping the story. I wonder how being memory keepers would change the church.

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