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Wendell Berry on “Conservatives” and “Liberals”

I listened to a couple more chapters of Michael Medved’s audiobook, The 10 Big Lies about America, which I wrote about yesterday on this blog. I listened to chapters on “Big Lie #5: The Power of Big Business Hurts the Country and Oppresses the People” and “Big Lie #6: Government Programs Offer the Only Remedy for Economic Downturns and Poverty.” This excerpt from a 2005 Wendell Berry interview is a better, more succinct response than I can write myself:

The idea of the current crop of “conservatives” – that government can cater to greed and leave charity to volunteers – is vicious and it can’t work. The “liberal” idea – that the failures of a greedy and wasteful economy can be effectively patched by government services and regulations – is also hopeless. There is no way to get a good result from an economy that institutionalizes greed as an honorable motive and excuses waste and destruction as “acceptable costs.”

– Wendell Berry in a 2005 interview with Preservation Magazine


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