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The Unsurpassable Ugliness of Industrial Society

From E.F. Schumacher’s essay “Toward a Human-Scale Technology”:
It is no longer possible to believe that any political or economic reform, or scientific advance, or technological progress could solve the life-and-death problems of industrial society. They lie too deep, in the heart and soul of every one of us. It is there that the main work of reform has to be done — secretly, unobtrusively. I think we must study nonviolence deep down in our own hearts. It may or may not be right to ‘ban the bomb.’ It is more important to overcome the roots out of which the bomb has grown. I think these roots are a violent attitude to God’s handiwork instead of a reverent one. The unsurpassable ugliness of industrial society — the mother of the bomb — is a sure sign of its violence. “Blessed are the patient; they shall inherit the land,” and “Blessed are the peacemakers; they shall be counted the children of God.” (Matthew 5:5,9, Knox translation.)

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