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National Look Up Day

A line of five people wait in line at the bank ATM; three of them are messing with their smartphones. A man and his young son sit together at the coffee shop I’m in now, each on their own iPhone. Another man (me) tripped on an uneven sidewalk this morning because he was playing Words with Friends while walking. A man (me again) didn’t hear his daughter answer his own question because he was distracted by his damn phone. A commercial celebrating AT&T’s extensive wireless coverage features a man in beautiful locations all around the country, always looking down at his phone. Aliens abduct a half-dozen people from a crowded city street, lifting them through the air on some kind of sophisticated tractor beam–but nobody sees it because we are all on our phones. Friends, it’s time we organize a NATIONAL LOOK UP DAY. Things are happening all around us. Are we noticing?

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