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Slow for School Zones


I pass through six school zones on my route from our home to Molly’s preschool and then to the office. Slowing down to 20 mph is never a bother or burden. In fact, it seems like the right thing to do. It’s a respectful salute to the great and serious work happening nearby, a small acknowledgement in the midst of our daily rush that the future ultimately doesn’t belong to us, we’re merely holding it in trust, and thus a gentle reminder to be better stewards of the present.

Driving this morning I thought a lot about the teachers, administrators, safety officers, teachers aides, counselors, office workers, cafeteria workers, and facilities staff who work in our schools. Thank you so much for your love for and dedication to our kids. It will pay future dividends. As has been said, you are affecting eternity: you never know where your influence will stop.


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