FRED Talks Wins Grant

Our FRED Conference was one of four projects to win grants from Community Matters and the Orton Family Foundation. Here is a little blurb I wrote for them about the Upstream Makers Collective and FRED Talks. The Upstream [Makers] Collective is a newly established group of artists, writers, and makers who have started coming together to […]

Constraints and Innovation

You should check out this fantastic short article from a designer at IDEO, the company that developed the first Apple mouse and is a driving force behind the design thinking movement. Two points I want to make: 1. I’ve sensed throughout my reading that design thinking and agrarianism have natural points of affinity. You can […]

Speak Your Piece

“How would interest in the arts improve across the country, and even in the legislature, if performers put down roots in a place they loved, built a life there and created art that reflected the stories, the songs, the dances, the colors, the shapes of their chosen town? What if the arts world was more […]

“Glee” and Christian Fiction

I stopped watching Glee for the same reason I avoid almost all Christian fiction: as a general rule, Art is buried by Agenda. I am a Christian, and I absolutely support gay rights (an often ham-fistedly presented message on Glee), but I don’t like being emotionally manipulated by art. In James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist […]