Climate Change Manifesto

If there was an evangelical movement to deal with the reality of climate change, this could be its manifesto. Its author, Dorothy Sayers, was friends with C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, and Charles Williams. “When the laws regulating human society are so formed as to come into collision with the [laws of nature]…they will end by producing […]

“Slow Church” Cover

Here it is! The cover design for the “Slow Church” book, coming Spring 2014. Chris and I think the design team at IVP/Praxis nailed it! We couldn’t be more pleased.

Why I Don’t Use an E-Reader

A few minutes ago, a friend sent me a Facebook message. She had seen a picture my wife posted with all my books packed up in boxes and ready to move, and she wanted to know why I didn’t use an e-reader. Here were the first 12 reasons I came up with. Some are practical, […]

Design Thinking and Neighborhood Renewal

Lately I’ve been reading about “design thinking,” and I’m starting to see its potential as a tool for community renewal. Design thinking is a structured approach many designers use to generate and develop ideas, products, and innovations. It’s most often associated with IDEO, the well-known design firm that created the first Apple mouse, and Stanford’s Institute of […]

Workspaces That Foster Creativity

I’m reading a second book on design thinking. This one is called “The Art of Innovation,” by the former CEO of IDEO, one of the world’s top design firms. I continue to be most fascinated by the chapters on physical space. Many leading-edge companies — including Pixar, IDEO, and Ericsson — have spent a lot […]

Calling All Grand Mothers

Alice Walker’s poetry collections have the best titles: “Hard Times Require Furious Dancing,” “Horses Make a Landscape Look More Beautiful,” and “The World Will Follow Joy: Turning Madness Into Flowers.” In honor of National Poetry Month, I’m posting thirty poems in thirty days. Poem #12 was from Walker’s “Hard Times…” collection. A few years ago, […]

Lincoln and the Mighty Currents of History

This morning I finished listening to an audiobook about the complex relationship between Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. I’m still trying to wrap my head around Douglass — I have his autobiography coming from the library — but he seems to have been a prophet, the conscience of the nation even and especially when white […]