Great Quote

“War is the great liturgical alternative to the Eucharist.” – Stanley Hauerwas Advertisements

Lenten Reading: Sermon on the Mount #5

The Sermon on the Mount hit home in a practical and difficult way for me today. I’ve been struck lately by how distracted I am by my iPhone. The iPhone is a fantastic invention, remarkable really, and a boon in the hands of some folks. But, for me, the iPhone plays right into my natural […]

Screenless Saturday

As soon as I get home from this coffee shop, Kate, Molly, and I are taking a 24-hour sabbath of rest and delight, unplugging from the technology that isolates us from one another, in favor of things we can do together in the physical world. We’re trading in the iPhones and iMacs for the wePlay, […]

Lenten Reading: Sermon on the Mount #4

Reading the Sermon on the Mount has become a great way for my wife and I to spend some quiet time together in the morning before the day kicks into high gear. Today, she and I talked for a while about some patterns we saw in the “you have heard it said…but I tell you” […]

Lenten Reading: Sermon on the Mount #3

A few of us are reading the Sermon on the Mount every day during Lent. (You’re welcome to join us!) What stood out to me as I read this morning is the placement of that familiar command: “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (Matthew 6:33) […]

Limits of the Market

I’ve never heard someone explicitly apply to the poor the life-death matrix of capitalism — “the market will sort them out” — but this week I heard someone (a nice guy, actually) express the same idea couched in the language of “tough love.” The market isn’t supposed to “take care of” people; we’re supposed to […]

Lenten Reading: Sermon on the Mount #2

This morning I read just past the end of the Sermon on the Mount, where it says that the crowds were amazed at Jesus’s teaching because, unlike the scribes, Jesus taught as one who had authority. I almost took that as an invitation to go back and re-read the sermon…this time with feeling! One thing […]