Prevenient Courage

Sometimes, when I walk the neighborhoods of my town, I imagine Silverton as it will look after the full reconciliation of all things. I see the people, places, and non-human creatures of my community finally, fully themselves. It’s not a very specific vision of flourishing but it is a great source of hope and inspiration […]

Marion-Polk Food Share Tour

Some friends and I toured Marion-Polk Food Share today. We talked with staff and volunteers, and we had a lunch made by their chef. It was very impressive. In addition to distributing almost 10 million pounds of food every year, and serving tens of thousands of hungry kids in our community, they happen to be […]

Not-So-Quiet Desperation

Thoreau said that the “mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation…” But when I look around at all the violence and fear and cynicism and dissatisfaction — when I observe this guy with his family in a coffee shop in Lincoln City, a guy who obviously loves his kids but seems so wound up […]

Attention Must Be Paid

I’m not a detail guy. I want to be but I’m not. I used to plan out my day in fifteen minute increments but I’d be off-schedule by breakfast. When I misplace my wallet, I’ll wander around the house for a half-hour. Then Kate will get involved and find it in two minutes. If I’m […]

Important Update

Keizer, OR :: Things have been quiet around here. The last post is five weeks old. I think we’ve posted just six times in the last two months. Some of the posts are only marginally about our trip, and most don’t mention the trip at all. The dearth of updates doesn’t reflect a lack of […]

Merlin’s Justice

Grass Valley, CA :: I’m sitting outside a Starbucks in Grass Valley. This town is where Kate grew up. It was a beautiful Sunday. I went for an hour-long walk with Molly today, and then went for another long walk by myself later in the afternoon. It’s 7:30 p.m. A clear night after a beautiful […]

Eight Days and Counting

Portland, OR :: It’s hard to believe that in just eight days the slug-line for these posts won’t say “Portland, OR.” While we will spend the month of October in Salem, just 45 minutes south of Portland and no further from the Pacific Ocean; and while the bulk of the OTNR project won’t begin until […]