Slow Church

FRED Talks Wins Grant

Our FRED Conference was one of four projects to win grants from Community Matters and the Orton Family Foundation. Here is a little blurb I wrote for them about the Upstream Makers Collective and FRED Talks. The Upstream [Makers] Collective is a newly established group of artists, writers, and makers who have started coming together to […]

Prevenient Courage

Sometimes, when I walk the neighborhoods of my town, I imagine Silverton as it will look after the full reconciliation of all things. I see the people, places, and non-human creatures of my community finally, fully themselves. It’s not a very specific vision of flourishing but it is a great source of hope and inspiration […]

Constraints and Innovation

You should check out this fantastic short article from a designer at IDEO, the company that developed the first Apple mouse and is a driving force behind the design thinking movement. Two points I want to make: 1. I’ve sensed throughout my reading that design thinking and agrarianism have natural points of affinity. You can […]

“Slow Church” Cover

Here it is! The cover design for the “Slow Church” book, coming Spring 2014. Chris and I think the design team at IVP/Praxis nailed it! We couldn’t be more pleased.

Design Thinking and Neighborhood Renewal

Lately I’ve been reading about “design thinking,” and I’m starting to see its potential as a tool for community renewal. Design thinking is a structured approach many designers use to generate and develop ideas, products, and innovations. It’s most often associated with IDEO, the well-known design firm that created the first Apple mouse, and Stanford’s Institute of […]

Thoughts from Chico

One of the reasons I most wanted to leave Chico eight years ago was because I had lost all patience with the university’s Greek life. Driving through the heart of the Greek blocks, watching yet another gaggle of drunk kids stagger across the street, I wanted to roll down my window and shout, “How does […]

Reconciled Diversity: Or Why I Go to the Inhabit Conference

[Update: Make sure to check out Coté Soerens’s response to this post. She brings up some important points: “Yet, we are a long ways to go in the task of breaking long-held barriers to diversity and dialogue between communities in the US…The forces behind homogeneity in our church communities, such as discrimination, privilege, and inequality, demand holistic efforts […]