How I Came to Love Writing

I’ve been thinking a lot the last two days about writing — why I write and how I came to love it. What has come to mind aren’t discernible patterns in a mountain of data, but rather a stream of ordinary moments, seemingly random and without explanation: a memory of my parents playing cards with […]

The Etymology of Sign Language

I love etymology. Tracing a word back to its earliest known origins makes a writer feel like an archaeologist, anthropologist, and genealogist. Etymology can help recover the ideas and shades of meaning that have been obscured by the sediment of centuries. Breaking a word into its component parts often releases a tremendous amount of latent […]

“Slow Church” Cover

Here it is! The cover design for the “Slow Church” book, coming Spring 2014. Chris and I think the design team at IVP/Praxis nailed it! We couldn’t be more pleased.

This Machine Kills Fascism

I made this image today on a lark. What the pencils say, and their inspiration: 1. This Machine Kills Fascism – Woody Guthrie’s guitar 2. This Machine Surrounds Hate & Forces It To Surrender – Pete Seeger’s banjo 3. Practice Resurrection – Wendell Berry’s “Mad Farmer Liberation Front” poem 4. Lose Your Mind – Same as […]

Holy Saturday and Unanswered Questions

[Author’s Note: A couple years ago I was asked to contribute to an article for Relevant Magazine about “five things we wish our pastors knew.” Other contributors included Anne Marie Miller, Enuma Okoro, Matthew Paul Turner, and Jason Boyett. I wrote my piece as a kind of open letter to our church’s new pastor. I’m reposting it here because it was written […]

Punctuation Saves Lives

  Kate snapped this photo on the way into town. Grammar nerds unite!

Shop Talk: A Poem

Note: Over the next few days, I’m going to start posting some of my old poems here, part of a larger project to gather all my writing in one place. Here is the first poem. Shop Talk Dominant Male, requires adoring and obedient submissive for strict discipline and body worship. Vintage-model SWM, 50, looking for […]